How to shop for LuLaRoe


There are several ways to shop LuLaRoe with me both online and in-person.


I will be doing live sales on Tuesday nights and doing an album sale on Thursday nights in my Facebook Style Shop.  Please be sure to “Join” this closed group AND like my Facebook page so you’ll receive notice of my sales.

Periscope sales will be random (mostly during the day) for the time being.  Be sure to live my Periscope account so you’ll receive a notice when I go live!


Facebook Live is like a QVC experience.  I’ll be showing individual clothing from my inventory live.  You’ll get to ask questions about the items as I go through my inventory. Each item will be assigned a number. When you see something you love and want to purchase, you simply type “SOLD” in the comment section.  IMPORTANT:  Be sure to include the number that is assigned to that item.  So you’ll type: “SOLD #24.”  When you’re done shopping, you’ll fill out a google doc and I’ll send you an invoice.  Once you pay your invoice (must be paid within 24-hours), I’ll ship you item to you!


Album sales is very much like a typical online catalog shopping experience.

Using an online service, I post pictures of all my inventory and post a link to those albums at 8:00 pm on Thursday night in my Facebook Style Shop.

You’ll have the opportunity to view all the different styles at your leisure for a 24 hour period.  When you see items you want to purchase, you’ll simple click the CLAIM button.


When you’ve claimed all the items you want, you’ll click the “Done Shopping” button in the upper right corner and fill out the form.


To pay for your items, I’ll send you an invoice to your email address, and you simply pay that within 24 hours.  Once I receive your payment, I’ll ship your items out to you!


I N – P E R S O N

I have shopping hours for in my home.  I live in Braselton and would love to help you pick out outfits!  Bring your friends and you could have the opportunity to earn FREE LuLaRoe!

If you live in Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson, or Barrow counties in Georgia and want to have a Pop-up shop in  your home, I’ll be happy to schedule a shopping event with you.  By doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to earn FREE LuLaRoe.

If you would like to shop in-person with me, contact us and you’ll be touch soon!