Hosting an in-home or in-office LuLaRoe Pop-Up (Northeast Georgia area only) or an online Pop-Up is easy, fun and earns you FREE LuLaRoe!

When you host a Pop-Up in your home or office, there’s no demos or presentations, just my fabulous inventory for you and your friends to try on!  It’s like having a store   Keep it simple –don’t worry about serving food!

Your friends won’t have to wait to get their clothing — they get to take everything they buy home with them!

Don’t want to host at your home?  Bring your friends to my house!  Or host an online Pop-Up!

Hosting an online Pop-Up could not be any easier.  Your friends can shop from the comfort of their couch and you can help them from the comfort of yours!

How many LuLaRoe clothes can you earn?  There is no limit!  For every 10 items sold, you will earn one FREE item of your choice.

Contact us for available dates!